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November 28, 2018

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Condolence From: annalisa d ambrose
Condolence: I met Jill on a bus to summer camp when we were in middle school. We were fast friends. We would drive into Georgetown before we were legal (18) to dance to live music and drink. I loved spending time with her. She loved being a wife and a mom. I always admired her for being fearless.
Saturday January 05, 2019
Condolence From: Connie Miles
Condolence: What a great tribute to an obviously great and much loved lady! I didn't have the honor of knowing Jill in person but I loved her digital designs and have many of them. I will miss her designs. My prayers are for her family and all who loved her. I know that one day you will all be reunited with your beloved Jill. God Bless.
Thursday December 06, 2018
Condolence From: Nick Sanders
Condolence: We met Jill and her young family in Virginia, and immediately bonded with them. Though we were close for only three years, we felt like we had found life-long friends. She will be missed.
Tuesday December 04, 2018
Condolence From: Alanna
Condolence: I met Jill through our love of digital scrapbooking 4 years ago when she asked me to be on her CT team. I jumped at the chance as Jill was such an amazing designer and her designs spoke to my heart. I soon found out not only was JIll an amazing designer she was an amazing person too. Jill was always there for me and every one of her CT team, she was so caring and compassionate that you knew she was a friend you would love forever. Her sassy sense of humour would make you laugh even if you were on the verge of tears. We often spoke about our family especially her 2 girls and my Jess and many other things close to our hearts. I will miss her dearly. Sending hugs and prayers to Rob, Sydney and Hope, may you find strength knowing how loved your mum is. My Jess wanted me to tell you she has sent a hug up to heaven to your mum too xoxo
Monday December 03, 2018
Condolence From: Jenni Rousseau
Condolence: Jill was an online friend through our common interest , digital scrapbooking, but we had many things in common, our animals and love of family. We often chatted about ideas for kits and she showed an interest in my problems when sh was dealing with so much herself, showed such strength and positivity and her sense of humour shone through.
She was sweet, funny and caring, and very creative and talented. I will miss her xx
Monday December 03, 2018
Condolence From: Glenda Blevins
Condolence: I met Jill when my nephew was taking taikwando lessons in Zachary. Hope and Sydney were taking lessons and Jill was helping Mr Hinote in teaching the young classes. When she told me she was starting a zumba class and encouraged me to come, I thought to myself, “what does she know about Zumba? She does not look like she has the rhythm to teach that kind of class.” Little did i know. She was a great Zumba teacher! Her class was so much fun and she brought so much energy! And she was such a sweet spirit. I’ve missed her ever since I stopped being able to do the classes. And now I’ll miss her even more knowing that i cant ever go back to her class. But i can see that she made an impression on everyone! Rest in peace Jill. May God continue to bless your family always until y’all meet again in heaven!
Monday December 03, 2018
Condolence From: Jo Sanderson
Condolence: I "met" Jill online, when as a baby designer I was invited to join my first scrap store. She was already a well known and amazing designer. She and I hit it off straight away, same zodiac sign, same sense of humour, and although I lived on the opposite side of the world, we were often online at the same time, and would chat or sometimes even email if we missed each other with the time differences.
Jill taught me so much, as a designer, and as a person. I admired her ability to jump in feet first as I'm much more inclined to stick a toe in the water than attack it with gusto like Jill. She taught me to be more like her. Even though I'm childless by choice, and generally hate talking about other people's children, I really enjoyed talking to Jill about Sydney & Hope, because she talked about how to raise them to be strong, independent women, who could go out into the world with confidence but also with empathy. They were things I could really relate to, and happily chatted about how to raise girls like that. Of course I heard about achievements and milestones too, but with Jill it was never sickly sweet, my kids are better than yours, she was proud of the girls and their contribution to who they were becoming.
We bonded over our love for our respective fur kids, crying over losses and sharing the excitement of new family fur members.
I now call most people I know named Jill, by the nickname Jillber...the first time I did it to Jill, she fired back, no problems Jobart!
She was the first Jillber, the original and the best. She was my friend, a mentor, someone who loved life and the people in it fiercely, someone I loved and I will miss in the years to come.
RIP Jillber.
Sunday December 02, 2018
Condolence From: Uncle Dennis
Condolence: Amazing tributes to my sweet niece. So glad she touched so many of you as dearly as she did. She was special to me in many ways, not the least of which was sharing half-birthdays. Best memory is when I babysat her for the first time - - I was 14, she was 6-ish months. I was clueless and terrified so I kept her in the windup swing. She vomited all over everything and I freaked. That was a special moment! We were especially close these past two years - - I went through treatment for tonsil cancer, she went through endless tests and treatment for what was finally diagnosed as pancreatic cancer. We knew what each other was going through and often joked about disrupted bodily functions. What will stay with me always is the strength and courage with which she faced her illness. Her will to stay alive and be with her husband, children, and canine children was ever present and deeply, deeply inspiring. She was a beautiful, creative, empowered, and always sassy woman who will be in our hearts forever.
Sunday December 02, 2018
Condolence From: M. Jessica Woods
Condolence: She made such a positive impact on my life. We learned together, we created together, we laughed endlessly on the phone. She was so anti-drama, and I loved her for it. When I was emotional, she was so straight to the facts and had a way in saying it that you could relate to and let it go. She shared her books once, trusted me enough to ship them all the way to CT, through my trip to CO where I shipped them back, after reading them page to page. She valued her memories, and we both related in the connections. She will always be loved by me. She was one of those friends where you wouldn't talk for a while but that didn't matter when you did, because friends picked up right where you left off and adored each other. I love you Beaner. You will be forever missed by me. I know your family will forever miss you too. Thank you for the love and beauty you provided in your friendship with me all these years.
Sunday December 02, 2018
Condolence From: Kandi Boyer
Condolence: I "met" Jill through the digital scrapbooking community. I was totally blown away by her talent and her kits were always a dream to work with. I was so honored when she asked me to be a part of her awesomely talented creative team last year. Jill was one of those people that you just can't help but love instantly. She was so kind, compassionate, witty, funny...and the list goes on. She was such a genuine person and it shined through in everything she did. My heartfelt sympathy and prayers are with her family during this most difficult time. I know her spirit is flying high and that her love and friendship will never be forgotten.
Saturday December 01, 2018

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